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Working for America Heating & Cooling will give you thorough training and a deeper knowledge of the industry. We believe in a high quality standard of work and providing the best service possible to our customers. Interested in working for us? Check out our available positions, and fill out the form below. Thank you for your consideration!

Open Positions

HVAC Helper

As an HVAC helper, you will assist and learn from our technicians and installers. Some of your duties would include:

  • Clean and organize the vehicles
  • Restock items that are commonly used from the vehicle to perform installations
  • Assist in all aspects of HVAC, working under supervision of the HVAC Installer
  • Provide exceptional customer service
  • Other duties as assigned and be a utility person when needed

HVAC Installer

As an HVAC Installer, you will install and inspect HVAC units for our customers. Some of your duties would include:

  • Exceptional customer service, working directly with homeowners and building owners
  • Attention to detail while inspecting and installing HVAC units
  • Knowledge of HVAC units and understanding the pieces and tools needed to install them
  • Excellent time management while handling a lot of house calls
  • Being able to determine the root cause of a problem

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